Episode 0.0004 Rise of the Fallen

The Story So Far
The Story Begins...

On the Core world of Corsucant, a diverse group was gathered at the behest of Senator Almay Yerba. Occas, a rogue planet with an irregular/nonexistant orbit, recently entered known space in the Outer Rim. Initial long range scans of the planet showed no life and little to no valueable resources. The Werchec Group, holder of several “minimal value” mining/development contracts was set to begin management of the planet when Sal-Transgenics, holder of a few “significant interests” contracts with the Galactic Republic forwarded to the the Ministry of Antiquities a close range scan of what could be interpreted as a “structure.” Both groups lobbied for control of the planet. Initial findings were inconclusive, so the Republic sent an expedition consisting of geologists, archaeologists, and xenologists. As parties of interest, The Werechec Group and Sal-Transgenics were granted “observer” status on the planet and, therefore, were allowed to send a unit with the expedition to occupy Expedition Station Alpha.

Upon making planetfall, the expedition determined, not only was the atmosphere mildly toxic, but that the atmosphere and planetary makeup interferred with scanning and communications equipment. Furthermore, travel inside the atmosphere of the planet was limited to low surface level repulsor lift travel.

Her cousin-twice removed-Professor Czan Yerba, second in line to the thrown of the planetary empire of Yist and archaeology expedition leader, led a small group to the site of the “Structure” and established Expedition Station Beta. Shortly thereafter, contact was lost. All attempts to locate the away party failed and the two rescue teams sent to retrieve the expedition members disappeard.

Senator Yerba expressed fears that the expedition may have been sabotaged by any number of factions that stand to gain from controlling Occas. The party was uncertain as to her true motivations, but accepted the mission and set off for Occas

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